1. Translucent


The special feature of this type of stretch ceiling system is a white matt or gloss finish that  allows easily and smoothly transmit light.


The LED lights directly mounted to the original ceiling under the stretch ceiling and  scattered uniformly over the entire area of ​​the material. 

This is an ideal illuminated solution for conference rooms, halls, cultural and sports facilities. 

A photo printing on translucent surface allows to get incredible lighting effects.

Translucent / Transparent

2. Transparent.


A transparent PVC film in its properties is not different from plain stretch ceilings. It is durable, elastic and has a smooth glossy texture. The difference - it is absolutely clear!


This canvas can perform two main functions: protective and decorative.


Protective: Our installers uses it to protect the translucent stretch ceilings from dust, insects and other debris, which may eventually appear behind the translucent canvas after a certain time and clearly visible when the light is on. The clear film Installed a few centimeters above takes the whole "brunt" and does not affect the lighting.

Decorative:  The first option, when a designer spreads over the transparent ceiling various objects such as decorative small pebbles, petals or confetti. This creates the impression that these objects are floating in the air. 


The second most popular option is using in printing on the canvases.  At the beginning, a background is created on the main  translucent ceiling. Then, individual objects applied on the clear film which is installed below.  Thereby, the volume 3-d effect will be reached.


The third option is an installation of colored transparent stretch ceiling.


Installation of the clear stretch ceilings has some  difficulties. Should be taken into account: lighting (wiring location); the need to decorate walls between the main and transparents ceilings;  the room height (reduced  up to 15 cm);  the width of the film (a seam on these ceilings is very noticeable).

Translucent Brilliant White 303

Translucent Polyplast White 

Translucent Brilliant White Gloss

65-900 Clear

100% transparent 

65-717 Yellow


65-644 Green 

65-420 Orange


65-476 Red


65-120 Light Blue

65-120 Blue


65-442 Pink 

65-571 Milk Chocolate



65-444 Perla


WARNING!!! The colors may be slightly different from the original, 

depending on the characteristics of the monitor.