Stretch ceiling in swimming pools, spas and wet rooms

The peculiarity of any swimming pool, spa, shower room or bathroom is increased humidity. And It does not matter whether this room used for commercial purposes or just inside of the house.


Such premise suffers from the really rough conditions:

  • High level of the dampness, water vapor and condensate settling on the ceiling.

  • And the most unpleasant, but necessary for the cleanleness and sterility is the chlorine.

Chlorine is harmful not only to the human body, but also to most building  materials. It destroys and discolor their structure.


So, what to do in this situation? How to create a unique atmosphere? 


First of all,  should be extra care when choosing finishing materials and  never forget that a water  will occupy the most of the room.


Since there will be a lot of water and it has reflective properties, it is worth paying special attention to the ceiling, as it will set the style for the entire pool or spa area.


Stretch fabrics  are the best available option for your ceiling on the market. We recommend to choose the PVC stretch material because it does not pass  water (splashes of water), water evaporation, it is neutral to chlorine. Such ceiling it does not fade or lose its original properties.



Such a ceiling will last for many, many years.  It will not need to be painted or somehow specifically take care of.



All you need is to decide about surface:



Bathroom stretch ceiling

SATIN MATTE  has a matte texture, but it is well-lit and contributes to the creation of soft, pleasant lighting.

Swimming pool  stretch ceiling
Stretch ceiling in spa

GLOSS possesses a high reflective capacity. So, the room seems spacious.

Swimming pool ceiling design  stretch ceiling
bathroom ceiling design

MATTE -  will look like a well pastered surface and

will not give undesirable glare.

Vaulted roof stretch ceilings swimming pools

For those who are looking for something unique:

translucent stretch ceiling in the swimming pools

TRANSLUCENT - a great solution to diversify the interior or divide the room into zones.

White ceiling in the swimming pools and spas
fiber optic stretch ceiling

STARRY SKY - In combination with fiber optic illumination, bring exclusivity and originality to the lighting solution to the design of any room.

starry sky design ceiling in swimming pools
art print on the ceiling stretch ceilings

PHOTO PRINTING - the best decorative method for the design of stretch ceilings in swimming pools and water parks.

swimming pools with print on the stretch ceiling