Advantages of stretch ceilings

  • THE PVC materials can be easily installed on a ceiling or a wall.


  • You do not need a pre-treatment of  the ceiling / wall and the procedure takes place with a minimum of waste.


  • The minimum void space required is        only 3 cm / 1.2 inches (for a chandelier and low profile spot light). But if appllied a standard spot light system the void space required is up to  10 cm / 3.9 inches). 


  • PVC are made of an elastic waterproof material and able to withstand a heavy load (about 100 liters per 1 sq m). Stretch ceilings do not lose their characteristics and quality when flooding happen.


  • The material used in this technology is very light (approximately 300 g /sq m) and has a small thickness (0.15-0.35 mm).


  • The average sound absorption coefficient - 0.4 Hz. (It is possible to install an additional insulation on request).


  • The cost of stretch ceilings is quite acceptable.


  • Any type of the lighting equipment, whether chandelier, spotlights, neon or other exotic lighting can be installed.


  • Stretch ceilings (walls) are easy to clean with any  soapy detergent, which allows to use them in premises,  where high cleaning standards are required (e.g. educational institution such as: schools, colleges, nurseries. Medical facilities: hospitals, clinics, general practices). 


     Do not use solvents or abrasive materials!!!


  • Stretch ceilings (walls) are easily removed.


  • Stretch PVC material is able to withstand a heavy load (about 100 liters per sqm). It does not loose their characteristics and quality if flooding happen.





  • The power of light bulbs should not exceed 60 watts, for halogen bulbs - 35 Watt. The distance from the bulb to the surface of ceiling is calculated in accordance 60W=60 cm, but depending on the design of chandeliers - the distance can be reduced. Thereby, we are recommend to use LED lights, which run cooler.


  • PVC material is not resistant to the mechanical damage by a sharp object. That means, the use of stretch ceiling / wall in certain areas is impractical.