How to make a measure for stretch ceilings

What makes attractive for the clients who wants to install stretch ceilings? Our answer is:  the simplicity, quickness and absence of dirt work. And of course, stretch ceilings have a beautiful appearance.


The first stage - Measurement. 

Unfortunately, the walls in premises are far from ideal and often difference in different angles can be up to 5 cm or more. Our specialist will measure the height of the walls in all four corners, and put on it tags. Using the laser level he will draw a line around the perimeter of the room, where will be mounted a base -aluminium profile.












The second stage - the installation of profile to the wall and special bracket for the lights.

Focusing on the ready line,  workers will attach aluminium profiles to the wall  using screws or dowels. To facilitate the work some glue can be applied on the profiles. This stage is the key to successful installation of stretch ceilings.













The third stage - installation of a ceiling.

To properly install PVC ceiling and evenly pull the fabric, it is necessary to pre-heat the room with a propane heater. Employees wil start to stretch the PVC material only when the room temperature reaches 40 ° C. At the beginning the PVC material is mounted at the corners. Continuing to heat the film, workers will insert material into the aluminium profile.











 At the end of the installation electrician will install lights. 


















To fill the gap between stretch ceiling and wall we are recommend to install  a ceiling molding or decorative coving. In the wet premise also can be applied a silicone.

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Decorative tape for the stretch ceilings

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