Image printing  now in vogue and  It is not surprisingly.  Each such stretch ceiling can be called  the truly unique. It may reflect the preferences of homeowners and owners of the companies: be an art, personal memories or simply fashionable interior decoration.


There are two main methods:


1. Print application.


Patterning is carried out by a special method. All paints penetrate deeply into the fabric structure, whereby the image retains its color for many years.  Very often used for the 3-D stretch ceiling systems.


Art printing may be applied  to:

  • the part of the stretch ceiling

  • over the entire surface

  • the matte  or satin surface

  • the translucent surface

  • walls



For bathrooms :  images of the sea depths, waters or green.

For kitchens:  images of fruits, berries, desserts.

For living rooms:  images of forest, sky, memory pictures and abstract drawing.

For bedrooms: soothing and calming images.


Our company has own catalogue for printing. If you did not like our pictures,we can recommend to find any picture you liked on the following websites: (for the stretch ceilings) (for the stretch walls) (suit for both; stretch ceilings and walls) (just insert in the search line your idea in english)


          ... and we will buy it for you absolutely free!!!

Photo printing

2. Fabric paterns.

As a cost-effective option  is a PVC film with already coated color image. It looks almost like the image-printing on stretch ceiling, but it is cheaper, since the choice is limited to a number of patterns - the most popular standard options. The image quality slightly worse than on the canvases with photo printing.

F. Nitka.



WARNING!!! The colors maybe slightly different from the original, 

depending on the characteristics of the monitor.