Design / Constructions

 Amazing stretch ceilings give to the rooms a visual appeal as well as perform some protective functions. An assortment of PVC materials, methods of manufacturing and mounting  allow to satisfy even the most demanding customers. 





Identifying the type  and purpose of  the room (premises):

 - wet

 - dry

 - housing

 - business

 - entertainment 


Material characteristics of stretch ceilings

  1. Stretch ceiling made of PVC film. Polymer films are originally waterproof and fireproof.

  2. Depending on the width of the PVC material, stretch ceilings can be seamed or seamless. If the size of your room does not allow to install a stretch ceilings without the seam, it is very important to choose the right type of lighting in the room.

  3. There are gloss, matt and satin textures. On request of the client to the stretch ceiling may be applied a decoration whether an application or photo printing. 





1. Classic. It has  a perfectly flat and smooth  one- level surface. This type is the simplest and easy to install.














2. Classic -unique.This type allows to combine two or more different variation of colours or surfaces. 












3.  Multi-level construction. This type of installation allow to combinate  different colors and different textures. For example: plasterboard ceiling and stretch ceiling. Also it can give a visual effect of increasing of space at  your room. It is very usefull your want  to focus on a specific area.












4.  Ceiling with LED lights












5.  Translucent stretch ceilings.













6. Starry sky stretch ceilings. This type of stretch ceiling give a feel of shimmering sky. 












For the safety reasons it is strongly recommended to read the rules setting the steps should be taken

before the installation of the stretch ceilings or walls!!!  

Stretch ceiling design
Green stretch ceiling interior
purple stretch ceiling design
LED strip lighting for the stretch ceilings
ceiling design in the kids room
Translucent transparent stretch ceiling design
Gloss stretch  ceiling design
Green stretch ceiling
Gloss and satin stretch ceilings
Restaurant ceiling ideas stretch ceiling
Rose stretch ceiling in the interior
Stretch ceiling with fiber optic
Stretch ceiling design fiber optic starry sky