Preparation steps before the installation of stretch ceiling




  • Be sure to prepare each of the rooms, where the planned installation of stretch ceilings or walls.


  • The items made from a thin plastic (e.g., the corners of the window, in the event that they plastic) required to seal with a masking tape (especially the edges). This procedure is desirable because indoor air will be heated strongly enough during the installation.


  • Pets and plants also should be removed.


  • The distance between the furniture and stretch ceilings during fitting must be at least 40 cm. We recommend to move out all the high furniture or move to the centre of the room and cover with a duster sheet. 


  • In order to prevent any damage, please remove any wall decoration items and electronic devices. 


  • Before installing the ceiling or walls  in the room, we recommend to finish completely such procedures as: plastering, wallpapering, mounting panels and lying tiles.  Otherwise, the owner of the premises will have to attach these elements to the finished ceiling/wall, which is very problematic from a technical point of view  of the procedure.


  • It is crucial to inform about any wiring or pipes inside the walls (where it is laid and in what specific levels), ventilation systems and other hidden communication, which experts of the installation of ceilings/walls can not know.


  • The number and location of lighting fixtures on the ceiling/ wall should be pre-negotiated and planned with our electrician at the time when you choose a structural constructure.


  • We are not responsible for any negative consequences in case of non-compliance by the owner of the rules listed in this guidance.

Suspended ceiling vs stretch ceiling