About us

"RIGHT CEILING FOR YOU" company works closely with a qualified specialists in repair of premises. We have ability to help you if you need an electrician, plaster, painter, bricklayer, chippy and carpenter. All those people have  at least 8 years of experience and good recommendation from our customers.


We are open widely and ready to assist you find an answer on questions related to the repair / renovation. We have created a group on Facebook "Building, Construction, DIY and Interior Design UK" https://www.facebook.com/groups/155364951462919/

What we can do else

Characteristics of stretch fabric and it's multifunctionality allow use them in any projects,ranging from domestic and finishing at commerciall premises.


"RIGHT CEILING FOR YOU" company invites to cooperation on mutually beneficial conditions of architects, designers, building companies, investors, landlords, designers and owners


We are looking for professional people with a creative approach to interior design. We are ready to contract with housing associations and exhibition centres. Our prices, quality of work, ability to perform a contract within short period allow to get benefits for the every party.


"RIGHT  CEILING  FOR YOU"   is a young dynamically developing company, which has brought together the best talents in UK. 
The company's mission is to make sure that every client is satisfied. We know how to make a room cosy, comfortable and beautiful, while saving your money and providing a clear estimateOur teams work together, to ensure the tightness, thermal insulation and soundproofing. 

However, a supreme product, if not done well will not look good. RCY offers 100 per cent guarantee of quality in installation of the ceiling construction beause  our employees' aim is to carry out the maximum quality of work as soon as possible.


Assortment is constantly updated, in accordance with the demand of time.